u n m a s k e d.

a coffeetable book.

collection of poetry and photographs.

available soon.

philippines and online.

book 1 – unmasked … me

it is about a journey to finding ourselves. seeing the light in the darkness & finding beauty in all the not so beautiful in our midst. unleashing God’s gifts during troubled times. pathway to living.

book 2 – unmasked … life

the joy of living one’s life when we have already come to accept our REAL SELF completely. i am a “STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX” advocate. I thrive on those who are OUT. Life’s too short… Give it a shot.. Bouncing back to LIFE after falling. stepping stone to truelove.

book 3 – unmasked … truelovejunkie

ahhh… my favorite! our one true love. a real life fairy tales… but ….there are no damsels in distress. its the ultimate love and learning to love beyond one’s capacity.  the one thing missing in your life is the only thing you runaway from. deep love..  the reason why we live. finally HOME.


some of the photos in this blog are copied (PLEASE DON’T SUE ME) from different sites.

but all photos in my coffeetable book are all originally taken by me

and my contributor friends who i also want the world to see the magic through their eyes.


printing truelovejunkie’s love letters.


20 thoughts on “u n m a s k e d.

  1. I love that you are a self confessed true love junkie. By my own admission I am a true love believer for everyone, a hopeless romantic and sentimental sponge and that’s even on a Monday! It is so nice to read your blog and read about something which is so important and often left out of contemporary media and culture…true, life altering, humbling love. Thank you also for following my blog. I hope at some point we may perhaps be able to collaborate in some way as my art is very much about the expression of the hidden thought and feeling. I’ll look forward to seeing your new posts.

    • thank you so much for appreciating and for your kind words and following my blog as well. i often feel that whenever something good happens to us, we should always share it and for the bad, there are lessons learned. 🙂 Yes!! i am a closet romantic turned true love junkie as we all are… deep deep down in our core.

      collaborating with you would be wonderful… lets get to know each other thru our blogs …. 🙂 my email is truelovejunkie11@gmail.com

      thank you again and i look forward to making a difference with you.. 🙂

      have a nice day… 🙂

  2. I am still finding my way around that “true love” arena; however, I have learned and been through the battles that get us to the top.
    Thank you for bringing it to the front and discussing it.

    • i often wonder why people shy away from the truth that deep down… it really is true love that we are hungry of… and well.. it really is.. the whole universe is entirely ours because of love… 🙂

      thank u for appreciating my “field”…

      Sent from my iPod

  3. I so utterly, and totally agree with all the above. I wouldn’t worry about you if we lived by each other because you definitely have reached the point where you KNOW…

    • Yes. it took me decades to KNOW.
      and a crash course in life to really GROW.


      thank you. i will visit your blog soon. i am currently reposting my stuff from my outlook journal. 🙂

      have a great day.


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