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mother and child

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run wild.

i never allow a person
to ever get near me
and see the tears go on
an on and on freely.
i can feel. i can love
but i remain cold out and above
beneath the ice though
is a fire that only i know.
i can conceal
and never reveal
wouldnt even dare
take off my mask
and let them know i care.

the paint brush would swoop
colors in circles and a loop
paint my smile and my joy
blissfully like a child with a new toy.
the pen flows freely on a pad
when the tears fall and i feel sad
but then…only a few would ever know
what goes on inside me….
and so i put on a great show
of strength and bravery.

no i am not tamed….
but i learned to train
my darkness and turned it into light
and vowed to radiate so bright.
no. i cannot be tamed at all
but you can ride with me and take a fall
….i only promise you i would be there
always…. if you dare.
its the life that i have come to love
freely…openly…. sent from above
it is the only life that is worth the ride
with only my heart as a guide.
and your beautiful restless soul as our compass
live each day like it was the last….
if you take all of me….
my darkness and light….
my unconquerable soul…
and my inner child
come away with me….
where we can both run free and wild.







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Piercing the quiet

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practice sketches. Week 3. ♡ ♥ ♡

couldve been.

I cannot explain
How much pain
I feel inside my heart
Like its been ripped apart.
Thoughts of what couldve been
Hold me close in between
Cries of anguish and sorrow
From what we could be tomorrow
But you just stopped calling
And i couldnt stop myself from falling
Than i thought i ever could
And i never really understood
How i let my heart slip away
From something i ran away from
And then one day
What i fear…it has become.
I ran away because i got scared
From the beating of my heart
When you and i have shared
Silent moments right from the start
But we never had the perfect time
To commit the perfect crime
For fear that my heart would break
Because i cannot calculate
How much i would feel for you
I might give it all …and it is the wrong thing to do

And i was so right
But the day came and i could no longer fight
I was left without a choice
I had to take the leap
When i heard my own voice
That it may not be too steep.
Now left alone…
With the pain i have never known
The only constant reminder
Of the friendship that forever
Stained and betrayed my heart
When it hoped to start
To feel the love that you held back
To give you the love that
Only i can give…
Like a memory from a dream
That i have forseen
The pain i hold close like a second skin
Envelopes me with the memory
….as i remember all that couldve been.




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The key to my castle.

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The key to the castle
Opens a world where
Fantasy meets reality…
And safe from the outside world…

But will i ever be…
With you?
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puzzle piece.

please comment and let me know your thoughts about these artwork… for the longest time, i couldnt quite put my finger why i made this… until very recently. any comments, thoughts and ideas or insights is very much welcome…



ill make a second post about this…


trying to make the perfect classy smoking lady to hang on my wall..




week 11

week 11

doodles week 7.

om to my 7th week. tried soft pastel and liked it… i am scared shitless to do the real thing… but i have everything in my place now…. just waiting for the nudge…

where this is going, i dont know… all i know is that, my inner travel goes on…. and life couldnt be much sweeter…













you take me up.


you tak me to places i’ve never been
you make me feel like a movie queen
from a movie in a silver screen
that i feel, breathe and live in.

you let me fly
high up in the sky
with just one look in the eye
in a moment of ecstacy, i could die.

and to straight to heaven
with a smile that i am wearing
as i slip into the clouds…
my heart is beting so loud
you dont know how you make me feel
i never thougt these feelings could ever be real…

doodles week 6

this is my 6th week. i started july 12 , 2012 and i am loving every moment i create something from my heart. in two weeks time, i am moving up to acrylics, and oil painting.
thankful and ever grateful for uncovering this hidden gift that lay dormant.
He rocks up there… 🙂



















doodles week 5

This gallery contains 26 photos.

its been one month since i started doodling, and i am gratefully loving and at the same time amazed at discovering my hidden skill… it is absolutely the most fabulous and fantastic high i could ever have to date. inagine … Continue reading

beach scene.

its hot where im at..
trying to make the most. 🙂
in my mind.



happy hour



sigh… its the most romantic thing
i have ever seen
its just like the movies…
its the most beautiful kiss.
if it wasn’t raining…
there would be
colored fireworks in the air
just as the float and not a care
in the world but their own
must be great to fall in love
head over heels like you’ve never known….
and be with him
just like a dream…
like in fairy tales
i want to be with him..
like in the movies..
i want the most beautiful
the most romantic kiss.

inner child.


its never too late
no matter how long we wait
to tap in to our inner child
the part of us that forget
and let our soul run wild.
be who we were
the child who never cared
but who loved so deep and true
the child burried inside me and you.

let her out and let her see
that the world and life
is once again so wonderfully…
and beautifully awesome!
go ahead…
take the plunge and take the risk
for tomorrow comes in a whisk
… call out that beautiful feeling and be wild
tap in to that hidden
inner child

mom and child.

a mother’s love go beyond
a story to remain untold
the love that can hold the world
inside for the daughter to behold,

little ones would soon grow
and we know when its time to let go
let them live the life they feel
sometimes may it be against our will.

but to let them live and be
we give them the highest love
should we ever try… set them free
and that would be the best they have.

freedom to live a life so vast
beyond out control…
something we have to let pass
let them be… let them taste it all.

to shield them, we dont allow
to let them feel it all somehow
let them take the risk, let them taste the plight
even if we have to.. let them try to fight.

respect their choices
and let them try
to listen to their own voices
and hear their own cry.
to go against it…
is like living but wanting to die.
we gave them life…
we gave them love
its time to give them the best
that they could ever have…
and that is to live.
to the fullest.

i am all for the freedom of my kids. it may seem irresponsible and illogical sometimes but i believe and i feel in my heart that for me to be able to let them live a life worth living, (like me) i have to be strong enough to listen and laugh at other people’s scrutiny. hahahah… at the end of the day, there is nothing worst than to hear some kid complain about their parents… and i believe that my kids are all understanding and supportive and way mature than other parents. (mAybe even more mature than me??)

i believe in my heart, my irresponsibilities are misunderstood for the fact that i am truly blessed financially when it comes to the basic needs. i know that when all needs are being met there has to be a bigger thing in store for that person. i know too for a fact, that responsiblities or not,… i can rise up to the occasion.. 🙂

we are here NOT to make a living… but to simply LIVE.