heart.mind.body.and soul

when you let me fill your empty walls…
you filled my empty heart
you have made me stand tall
and that made me make a new start
i saw myself as a human being
capable of love and believing
that walls need to crumble down
as my heart ends its frown.
i am not looking for something
but something stirred up inside me
maybe it would be worth trying
maybe i should just wait and see.
you had the key ….so unexpectedly
my walls fell down the ground
like a crashing tidal wave
the fortress i thought
i would bring to my grave
the walls i have long fought.
left me yearning to love you more
and the fear of loving you
has brought me up and back to the floor
as i reach for the pieces
of the walls you let fall
to let me in… inside your heart
inside your mind… body and soul.

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love. the greatest driving force

In my secret haven…
I hid behind the shadows of yesterday
Myself… I have never given
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Finding Peace In Unstable Times

Finding Peace In Unstable Times

by: Deborah Fairfull



In this article, guest author Deborah Fairfull, talks about some difficult experiences in her life and how she overcame these and found inner peace

When you are surrounded by financial doom and gloom, natural disasters and riots — it is easy to feel negative and uncertain about the future. However this is exactly the time you need to dig down deep inside yourself and tap into your inner strength. This wise, all knowing part of yourself has the ability to transform your life into one that is fulfilling, peaceful and harmonious.

During my life I have experienced many challenging times. The one thing I have discovered without exception, is that when I have been able to accept my current situation it has allowed me to relax, tap into my internal wisdom and my life has begun to flow once more.

Some of my personal challenges have included:

  • Starting up two different businesses, and being faced with challenging cashflow situations that have threatened my survival. By tapping into my inner strength and resourcefulness, I was able to overcome my cashflow problems and create viable businesses that I was able to later sell.
  • Being forced to sell the family home due to economic pressure. This led me on a path of discovery in relation to my internal world. This gave me the courage to work with my true passions paving the way to the joy of expressing my true gifts and talents. This is a different kind of joy, with more depth than the joy I’d experienced before—even though I was in a better financial situation. These discoveries allowed me to rebuild my life in a meaningful and stable way as my life is a reflection of my heart, rather than reacting to external circumstances.
  • Separating from my husband of 15 years whom I had shared three wonderful children with. We reunited four years later, just in time for our 20th wedding anniversary. This journey taught me a lot about learning to see beyond each other’s defenses and instead, appreciate the light and beauty within each other.

I used my tumultuous, unstable times as alchemy for inner peace so I could learn to experience inner stability despite what was going on around me. At the time I couldn’t understand why all these challenging things were happening to me, but I now appreciate them for the gift that they were.

How Do You Find Peace In Unstable Times?

1) Make peace with your past. Worrying over and reliving the past can take you away from enjoying the present, feeling stuck and prevent you flowing with life.

2) Make your mind your friend. Your mind takes you away from your peace by creating worry and stress. Becoming aware of your thoughts, belief and attitudes helps you to transcend a fearful mind and instead create a life that is loving and stable.

3) Your reactions are like gold. A reaction occurs when someone behaves aggressively (fight) or withdraw (flight) in a pressurized situation rather than responding from their empowered self.

However, if you are able to sit with the uncomfortable feeling that the reaction induces, rather than blaming the other person, you will heal that automatic survival response as you tap into a power greater than the reaction. You need to feel it to heal it. Next time you are in a similar situation, chances are you will not let the external circumstance take you away from your peace.

4) Let your intuition be your guide. Your intuition is like your personal GPS designed to guide you safely through life. It is your inner voice of wisdom that knows exactly what is right for you.

However it is common that we override our intuition and do what we “should” do, driven often by a fearful mind. If we make decisions based on anxiety and stress often they are not the very best decisions we can make for ourselves. When you calm your mind you are better equipped to listen to your intuition and create a life that is more flowing and peaceful.

5) Live your life on purpose. It is very hard to be truly happy if you are not expressing your natural talents or taking steps towards this. Sometimes some of life’s greatest challenges such as being retrenched can be life’s greatest gift as it opens up new doors, allowing you to step into what it is you truly love to do. If you look forward to going to work you know you are on the right path.

When you face or have faced challenging times sometimes it is easy to fall into the illusion that something is wrong with you. That you are wrong, damaged or not good enough in some way. This is the ego trying to strengthen its grip.

However, if you can remind yourself that despite any hurts you have been through you are always a divine loving individual you will be able to find that inner peace at the worst of times. When we learn to love, no matter how badly people may have treated us, we step into our true power. This gives us true strength and stability, and we remain stable and balanced despite what is going on around us.

If you’ve gone through particularly challenging experiences in your life, tell us how you overcame these and found the strength and peace within to move forward.

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the desire to share insight.

what follows the self sabotage, are temper tantrums, hurting another, flipping out, rebellious , chip on ones shoulder, about being willing to truly listen to whats being expressed to you, and through you. a complete and total neglagence towards the love of the being, a disregard for all life as it is, and a simple Continue reading

in harmony.

A restless soul will never ever be at peace

… Life is full of riddles… its always like this

Until the heart accepts the truth

And the soul would always yearn

For what we had in our youth. Continue reading

would it be love?

our deepest of hearts… and let it last

for until you have finally learn to

align your mind with your heart and soul

and let God put you back to where you will fill the whole.
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In the labyrinthine life that we both had

We were to end up in the center of our hearts

Feelings of joy and peace have replaced

The chaotic life in a riddle of a maze. Continue reading