forever love.


   first love.

these are some of the old poems i have written way back in 1994. some of them you may find in love letters too. this depicts the start of a new love to the heartache from the separation.

♥   forever more
♥   love… 1994
♥   regret
♥   [not] meant to be
♥   meant to last
♥   missing you
♥   take me [back]
♥   say goodbye
♥   a lovely day [but without you]
♥   my star

love letters. /

after all.

after years of separation, when brought together for a reunion, troubled times have caused us to separate and clear out the air and the bittersweet memory of a new / old flame is once again experienced. only then through this intense pain have i finally come to terms to myself and realized that it is after all a better life to live with the pain than live an empty life. through this pain i have learned to love and be alive.

some of the poems [old and new]  i wrote. and a letter dated at the present at the end of each poems.

♥   like the wind
♥   alone. together. forever.
♥   meant to last.
♥   i’ll keep on missing you
♥   i love you so
♥   stay
♥   i’m sorry.
♥   drift apart
♥   please keep the pain.
♥   if only.
♥   fight for you.
♥   today is our someday
♥   again
♥   pain of loving you.
♥   why
♥   inside my heart.
♥   beautiful sliver.
♥   you’ll belong to me again someday
♥   missing you.
♥   say goodbye.
♥   separate ways.
♥   you.
♥   someday.
♥   the only truthh
♥   love letter. [1997]
♥  eternity


♥   ocean love
♥   vulnerable
♥   bittersweet sorrow
♥   holding on.
♥   deepest memory
♥   without you
♥   nightwind

♥   another lifetime
♥   day and night
♥  a day, a lifetime.
♥   fight for you
♥   the only truth
♥   strength to heal
♥   truthful lies
♥   rose.
♥   ghost from the past.
♥   morning breeze
♥   would it be love?
♥   awake in bed.
♥   rose 2
♥   lifetime in eternity
♥   [not] meant to be.
♥   to have and hold.
♥   time [1994]


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