I would love it so much if you take a break

And think of me and how much I ache

To spend as many moments we can have together

Even if we know that we will always have forever.
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the year has passed by so quickly
yet it always almost seemed like yesterday
when you smiled at me
and swept me away.

i can remember every minute that we shared
when you and i finally declared
how we still  feel even after all these years..
the pain… the love… its all worth the tears.

everyday, i cannot believe how blessed i am
how our love have become
time, distance is nothing between us
because our soul know our love will last.

the year we both shared together
could never measure up
the the 15 years without each other
i can feel we would have forever.

i have never felt this alive
and you have let me reach out and dive
to a love that has led me to find
myself, my soul.. and
the heart i thought that left me behind.





my dearest love,

its been a year. a year that has finally kept my heart and soul alive. its been a year and we still have each other. just you and me. in our bubble.. only this time, our bubble has allowed the real world in. real problems that we know we can rise above. i want you to know that i would always stay with you. through thick and thin…

your love has led me to push myself beyond my limits and do things i never thought i was capable of doing all my life… your love has opened my soul and reached out for the core of my being and create pictures that speak of love and poems that spell nothing but the love we have for each other and the love that we are.

my love has made you see a different side of life. that is the only thing i can offer you.. a smile inside your heart when things aren’t going our way… it is the only thing that my heart is capable of giving. it is the only thing that i know will go a long way. a smile in your heart to fulfill all your heart’s desires.

it will always be just me and you.
just us two…

(carrie & big)

….. just like you said.


forever yours,



let our love.

let our love be
as strong as the tree
even if the leaves may fall
together, we stand tall
and when the flowers
may wither…
let our love blossom
even in winter.

let our love be
the language of our hearts
the weapon of our soul
that strengthen us
when faced with a hot coal.

let our love be.
like the tree.
for all eternity.

poetry in motion.

i pray to never run out of words…to be able to show the world how our love has transformed what once a cynic, now reformed. though there are probably not enough to describe all the love i have for you … Continue reading


alone…LESS IS MORE. sometimes, we live in a world full of people but have never felt more alone in our lives. we seek out the  company of others but have always known that something is missing… its the saddest way … Continue reading

magical saturday in July.

its almost six in the morning…
on a beautiful saturday in July
but there is something i’ve been missing
and i cant help but let my heart fly
….soaring high in the sky
soaking wet from the raindrops that fall
melting from the love that i call.
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we’d have it all.

who knows what tomorrow brings
it comforts me that you and i sing
the melody as calming as the rain
breezy like we were young again. Continue reading


♥ “Out of the depths of my happy heart wells a great tide of love and prayer for this priceless treasure that is confided to my lifelong keeping. You cannot see its waves as they flow toward you, darling, but in these lines you will hear…the distant beating of its surf.” —Mark Twain to Olivia Langdon Continue reading

true love.

i now truly believe, that we would always have other loves. other lovers, other partners. but true love is deeply engraved inside our hearts. that no matter how hard we try to erase it, it would only scar us even more. even if we polish our hearts, sooner or later, it will still stale and the scars we tried to wipe off will always show. true love is engraved in us. there is no running away from it. because then, it will only leave us feeling alone …in a world where we thought would be enough to compensate for the love we have always looked for all throughout our lives… Continue reading

love’s inventions.

if mr. webster could come up
with words to describe my heart
i dont think there would be enough
i dont think he’d know where to start. Continue reading

please keep the pain.

letter .
but you just have a way of tormenting me…
and because of that,
I hope that I be blessed with the strength
I need to hold on for you.
Or to even fight my own demons for you.
My heart ache so much
from the love that is suppressed inside. Continue reading

for just being you.

and i just want to say…

im really thankful each and everyday…

that when i prayed to be loved so true…

I am blessed for God gave me YOU.
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perfect sunrise.

we would see the most beautiful orange skies
just in time for the perfect sunrise.
as the sun beams through the clouds
like the sparkle in our eyes. Continue reading

if only.

i for one second never thought

that i would care for you as much

because now i have finally seen the light

in your eyes, in your heart….

you can conquer each and every plight
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fight for you.

the love we have has always been there

i never ever tried to question that

i should be happy and be more content

to finally know who God has sent.

its just the yearning that is killing me

how i want to hold you and touch your face

and yet i have already come to love the agony
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today is our someday.

my prayers have been answered in one day…

you did a walk [i would always] remember… like landon.

and i got another miracle -YOU – like jenny

you jumped and i jumped. jack and rose in titanic.

i told you how i wanted to touch people’s lives like sara in sweet november…

but it is your heart i want to touch the most…
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we radiate.

that was the first big risk i saw you take

even if you thought diferrently…

how my poor heart ached…

vanished so suddently.

when i saw you run across the street

across the roads we meet
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i will love even when apart…

i would still love you over and over

i would still give you my heart… forever

i love you more than i did then

even if you break my heart all over again.
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[not] meant to be.

[1997] but you’ve gone on with your life

i guess now i should see

…wishfully thinking i would be your wife

are we or are we not meant to be?

[2012] as your loving arms embrace me

that is what feels right

that is what is meant to be. Continue reading

i love you so.

Though I can not make you happy, as much as I want to…

I can not promise you the moon and the stars but I’ll always be true.

Never doubt my love for you, you may not see it,

But it’ll always be there… I promise to always be fair. Continue reading

beautiful sliver.

I will always be willing to deny

The truth that forms in your lips to my soul

Will always have a sliver of the whole

A sliver of our dreams, a sliver of our promises

A sliver of time, a sliver of peace

A sliver of you and me… a sliver of our first kiss Continue reading

you’ll belong to me again someday.

every night, all each time i pray

all the things my heart wants to say

i pray… that maybe, just maybe….

you’ll belong to me again someday… Continue reading

missing you.

loving thoughts of you
are the only thing that gives me hope to face another day.
sometimes i would just write everything away
and hope that somehow…
through the magic of our love,
it might reach you and you might hear my plea..

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say goodbye.

february 1998

my dearest love,

i always find myself,

waking up at the crack of dawn

though i try to think of something else,

…just thoughts seem to go on and on. Continue reading

separate ways.

Dear God, please enlighten his mind

There are so many things that he has yet to find

But most especially please let him remain true

To his words and fill his heart with wonders made by You.
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