Its been a long time sincee i posted… theres been so many changes that i dont even know where to start. Truly, this is finding true love. Myself. 

Now, i am a recovering addict. It is that love…that true and unconditional love that i found in myself that brought me to where i am now. 

Years of drugging and searching for true love has caused me to forget about myself. I gave and found thw love that i needed in  all the wrong places. I am grateful to have gone through all that because i take it as a lesson that i need to learn to be able to find what it truly is i was looking for. MYSELF. 

The only sad thing is that i haven’t written nor did any artwork at the moment.. my soul will always embrace this gap and will.yearn to be able to create again when the time comes. I go back once in a while to my higher self for guidance and have accepted the sad truth that somehow, itay take a little while to make something again. 

I am a recovering addict. I have lost alot and learned alot. This journey to finding my one true love is just right there. Inside of me. Myself. 

I miss writing and painting so much it breaks my heart to live the life i used to fear but i feel that i have everything to gain when it is time for me. 


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