wild heart.

like a horse in the wild
untamed and like a child
running free in the wilderness
the wind that harness
the graceful gallop in the fields
and never yeilds…
like the birds that fly so high
in the mid air of the deep blue sky
gliding in the bliss
of the summer breeze…
like the lion on the meadows
lazing beneath as the wind blows
magnificent and strong
roaring where it belongs…
like the dragonflies and the butterflies
mystical colors as the sun would rise
reflect the garden of the wild
magical and undefiled…
like little children …. innocent and pure
to be free …. and ever obscure
laughing and living life beautifully
so solemn and im serenity
that is life…. a piece of art
untamed… like my wild wild heart.

instagram: truelovejunkie
tumblr: truelovejunkie


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