not because.


my heart aches so much
not because of what you do
not because of your love
for all the female form….
not because you seem aloof
not because of your friends…

my heart aches so much
because you smile
because your eyes twinkle when i walk in
because you talk to me with your mind
because you flirt with me
and even if unconciously….
you do things that melts my heart
and it aches again
because i miss you
not because i miss you when youre gone
but because i miss you even more
when you sit right next to me
right across me
and play with your eyes….
and it aches me because
i cannot do anything about it.

my heart aches so much
because the only memory of your touch
is when i go to sleep…
or when i close my eyes
and suddenly
that creates a different reality
that i cannot be brave enough
to make it come true…
so instead… i joke about it and laugh.
my heart aches so much
when all i wanna do is just reach across
the empty space between
and wrap my arms around you.

my heart aches so much
not because in the midst of silence
you sing and i think
that the song is meant for me
and theres just so much energy…
not because i see you everyday
and it takes all the troubles away…
i ache because when you speak
you speak my mind
and suddenly… the answers arent so hard to find
i ache more for you
because you give me a look
when im not looking
and you look away…
and that left me thinking….
and wondering… and day dreaming….
i ache for my heart
for you…. and maybe one day…
ill have the courage…
and not be scared….
or i will forever ache
for what will be… and it is my loss
and i wouldnt want that
….not because.

♡ ♥ ♡


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