storm before the calm.

i have come to realize and accept now that everything that ever happened to us is in preparation of our future… of what he has in store for us. it seems that no matter how we try to resist what is unfiamiliar the more it hits us on the face. we try to run away from the one thing we crave for. we try to overcome and turn our backs on the good things that we havent tried before. we only try to do things that we have tried before. we love but justify.that feelinga.based on ideals. but when something stirs up inside our core… we cringe. and we dont know what the hell to do.
but oh dear God… we dont question the situation… we just simply try to get on with our lives and run away and back towards our heart.
we try to let it go… we keep holding it back…like we are just waiting for the right moment until our hearts errupt like a volcano waiting for centuries to breathe the fire out. and there is no way ever of trying to put it out once it has errupted… and out of control it goes…
why do we fear so much from the truth? when in fact that truth is the only thing that would ever calm our restlessness and finally being able to find the peace we so long to have after the storm…. i would want to be that storm and calm… i want you to be my storm because only you have calmed me.

♡ ♥ ♡


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