A Love Letter to the Divine Masculine #1

by far the greatest love letter ive ever read…

The Space Between

I never tell you how elegant I think you are.

Your form of angles which ripple into the curves of your shoulders both excite and confound me. I will always wonder what you’re thinking, and in my stubbornness I will assume I already know. It is only another story I make up to explain your behavior. Dear Sir, made of the elements in a way that your fire sparks my passion for life. You make me want to do things. I learn from your example. I do not expect you to fix everything. I do not need you to complete me. My worship far exceeds the broken relationship query “what do you do for me?” which was put there by a generation that measures love by material means. Please share with me these roles society haphazardly threw together based on misconceptions so we can shatter them to pieces.

Cry, if it heals you. …

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