the flame.


only i can light my fire.


and only you can fan my flame.


and maybe…stir up a little desire


and play a little game

i havent posted the wall art i did the past two weeks yet. the progress’ photos are too heavy to upload. but i have such the best time with the wall. what i did not expect was the separation anxiety when the job was done.. this is the first mural ive done. oh dear God… nothing beats the rush while i was starting it. seeing an empty wall… and when the completion process is a little too slow but it rocks. i had the inspiration when i am faced with my male version. a bad guy with a good heart. and it was most fun while we were discussing the concept. totally mind boggling and  little funny because it was like talking to myself. funny how someone who thinks like you stirs makes you get in touch with your own darkness that you have come to love and freely be who you are.
i was a little hesitant at first but what the heck….he needed to have his empty walls come to life and i needed to paint. i havent painted in 4 months i guess… and so it scares me just a little to play with the brush…theres the insatiable need to splat and uncover hidden thoughts and secrets inside. walls to crumble and ravishing appetite to feed… the insanely crazy need to create and send a message across…. be bad on the outside..but remain pure in heart and intent.

here is the final mural.

another post to follow about the ladies on his wall. this is titled: female flood for franky..
and if he allows ….i might do another post about a guy named “franky”. whose life is as colorful as mine. 🙂

for franky: thank you for the wonderful photos… 🙂 you captured me beautifully…

♡ ♥ ♡


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