I admit defeat.


Where the smile used to be
I cease to wonder in melancholy
Where my heart was burning with fervent passion
Now breaks in such fashion.
Where i mask the tears with glitters
And wear the freshness of a heart that withers
Away with the falling leaves in the wind
As my heart is covered in rind.
Where the laughter used to be
So i was in the midst of misery
But i found solace in your presence
And restlessness in your absence.
I try to be still… so hard i try to be still
Only to be wandering thru the reel
Beneath a facade i try to evoke
In the raindrops of my own tears i soak.
How can life be so sublime
I run in circles thru time
So i make it stop with you inside
The heart that once burn with pride.
Your coldness shook my world
When it was my heart that you stole.
Opened it up and unfold
Leaving it to me with a big hole.
Where silence is a declaration of things unsaid
A scream replaced and i cry instead
Not in silence but in a voice unknown to me
Anguish and sorrow crying in agony.

Let the pain end. Let it stop
This has got to be the end of the rut
Today i vow to give it all away
As cold tears wash my face i pray
…to walk and never look back
On the day that i opened my door
I may never be the same again
Because i never wish to feel anything for you anymore…
You fashion the emotions like some label
Unimportant to me… it is you who made me able
To feel deep sadness and a memory of peace
As i lay on the floor of this bittersweet abyss.
I may have been too much… or too intense
But my heart you crushed and a scream you silenced…
I was scared and you let me delve deeper
To a place unknown beyond a burning ember
And so i play… and so we sang
Music that now makes a loud crashing bang
Right through my fragile heart that i guard so well
You kept the keys and i couldnt tell
Which way to take or when i should stop
Because i fell in the arms of your trap.

Today… i let it all out without escape
I face my heart, i bare my soul
Im taking the key back and lock my heart’s gate
What to make of this.. i couldnt care at all.
Let the music play and fill the silence
That would replace the pain of your absence
And when the morning sun should rise
I would be back on my feet
And maybe…if i must break all ties
I fell. I loved. I lost.
The friend in you i cherished the most
Because of passion and cold heat
Because you win.. and i admit defeat.

♡ ♥ ♡


6 thoughts on “I admit defeat.

  1. I read twice, because I liked the feel of the words. Beautiful piece and sad, but I guess sadness still a deep feeling and sometimes feeling sadness is better than not feeling at all.

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