your heart song.


the music filled the emptiness
the void inside i cannot express
all the while i was mistaken
i didnt know something was missing.
till i came face to face and got shaken
i was free, i am so blessed and happy
i couldnt have asked for anything more
till my heart knocked at your door.

if only i could find the perfect words to say
if only i would be brave enough to play
the melody of your soul
then maybe i would be able to know
if you and i would ever be a part of a whole.

sometimes, i hear your heart song
i play it by heart and sing it for you
though i dont know how much more i can long
to be completely wrapped in your note or two.

you are the voice of my heart…
though it is silent, i can still hear
like i could see that we are a work of art
if only we do not fear.

take the leap with me, crash into me
lets whisk the world away and make our own
a fantasy to be a reality
to everyone still unknown
where we would be completely lost
like the music that we play the most.

take me away and whisper in my ear
everything that you hold dear
wishful thinking has become a friend to me
since the day i yearn to be right next to you
…and sing our heart song in harmony.

maybe someday, maybe soon
its making me crazy… my head just swoon
if i should subject myself to even care
that what you do to me is beyond compare.

ill take you where you wish to go
maybe then…you would know
how i learned to play your heart song…
i will take you back to the place
you wanted to go for so long.

ill bring out the inner child in you
the way you tapped into mine
i know that… that i could do
the minute we crossed the line.

i need to hear it from your lips
that you wish to have me for keeps
only then i know we’re in this together
then i will take you to a place called forever.
a place really close to you..
like a song in your heart
you would know in a note or two.



the sound of missing you.


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