so steep.







i often wonder which is harder to do
to accept the fact that you don’t feel the same way
or to pretend that i dont have feelings for you…

i sit right beside you and couldn’t concentrate
my heart and my mind both berate
the choices i have made to feel
everything seem so unreal.

how i managed to hide it for so long
back then when i never thought wrong
that somehow, when we both cross the line
you’d take the leap with me
and let love shine.

i know it was crazy of me to even think
but i guess i was on a brink
of falling much deeper when i let you in
and now… i don’t know where to begin.

i run away, and then i flee
had i faced my fears then…
wouldnt be down on my knee
hoping to get thru to you once again..

but you put up a barrier, a thick brick wall
and it doesnt matter how many times i knock and call
i couldnt get inside your heart and your mind
so i wander around hoping the answers i could find.

but maybe then one day my heart is right
somehow, you love me too but you just fight
the way i did then when we almost crossed the line
i was too scared that my heart wouldnt be mine.

do you know what i think and how i feel
are you too blind to see that i’m real…
deep in my heart i can almost taste
the love you have thats like a maze.

i turn right and i hit a dead end…
i turn back and start again
to question which hurts me more
to love and not be loved by you
or to pretend that there is nothing i could ask for.

maybe someday, you will whisper in my ear
you have finally faced all that you fear
and that you choose to take the leap
with me on your side
as we climb a love so steep.


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