from dusk till dawn.


once in a while
there will always be something
or someone who could rock our world
for a moment to remind us
of what we already have
and what is missing in our lives.
and for a moment
in that brief state of bliss,
underlies confusion, yearning
and the bittersweet taste of life.
and that is enough to make it worth living.
no matter how much we guard our hearts
even if it has turned to ice
in its own time, we meet another soul
whose fire is caught entrapped within
and fire and ice merge 
from dusk till dawn. 
even if we run away from the throes of fire
for fear unknown and unexplainable to us
even if we deem ourselves fearless,
running away will not inhibit our chance
to open our heart and remember
every tiny feeling that we thought we have long forgotten.
we will always have that time 
when one of us is prone to vulnerability
when one of us runs away, and the other
is left to wait for what was to be a memory.
and when the ice has finally melted, 
and the locks have been opened
the fire never dims…. if anything but
it will always spark only this time
it will be bottled within and….
waiting… time and again…
for both fire and ice to merge
and let their souls play
the melody that they sang for so long
like the evening sky
from dusk till dawn.

2 thoughts on “from dusk till dawn.

  1. Did you change the font color from red to blue in purpose? I figure you wre trying to represent fire (red) and ice (blue). I like this poem, especially the first part about someone coming into our lives to remind us of what is missing.

    • Yup i did.. i do that when write from the laptop. Lol… yeah.. we thought or maybe at some point we feel there isnt anything we couls need. But then it became a comfort zone.. so i guess we are blessed with another challenge or lesson once more… 🙂

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