soul series.

this is still part of the restless soul set .  [More Restless soul]   why soul series?  i believe that each one of us are more spiritually incline than the other but it doesnt mean that we are without a soul. some are just more in touch with theirs than the others. the journey to finding my soul started when i was looking for the self that i lost. ever have that feeling that we go around in circles… looking for something we know nothing of. i consider myself blessed to be able to find mine again. and it was a process of unmasking, letting go, and living with love. i only used to write, that was the part i was so blissfully serene… as i connect to hear what my soul has to say each time i tap the keyboard or let the pen go and make love to the paper. it was something i could never quite explain. that part of me kept hidden for the longest time. i was too shy to show anyone my work. and yet… it was like a secret i had with myself.. it was a world i could get lost in to, and re visit every now and then… given the chance, i could stay in one place [contrary to people’s belief that i cannot stay put] and just write away…. and now, i think… with writing and the chance to put my words into pictures… i feel very much alive… and very much home. i could stay in my room for days or maybe weeks… and just stand in front of the canvas for hours on…. i too cannot explain how much joy and happiness and learn to be able to be contented… with just so much less than what i was accustomed to. i let the brush kiss the canvas with such love that each stroke i make, i could almost see that life is made up of little strokes and that when the canvas is filled with my soul…. i could feel my heart melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. it feels like falling in love… over and over again.. it feels like love at first sight with your true love.

a friend once asked me if i ever feel lonely… or empty sometimes. and honestly as i can, without trying to sound boastful, i said no. although, i do get lonely… but the melancholy is what fills up the emptiness. he didn’t believe me. told me how is that possible when i dont have a partner beside me… and i told him in his own language… that the life i have now… is like a delicious chocolate cake. to die for and too divine… it has the cake, and decadent icing… but it couldnt hurt to add sprinkles and cherries to make it look more beautiful and taste sweeter… although… making a chocolate cake is messy…. you still couldnt explain how delicious it is. very silently, at the end of the line, he kept quiet. i think not being able to believe what he heard. or wishing he too could feel contented… whispered… mindset. thats what you always say.

i wish to tell them…those who ask me questions like that… creativity and art has helped me cope with the harshness of the world. creativity has made me find my soul. and that made me open my heart to all the possibilities that life has to offer.  and that has led me to live as a living soul.


oh, cherish and savor every little heartbreak and pain in your heart… love it.. and that would fill the emptiness inside you.


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