My heart tells me to go
But my body kept saying no
I wanted to leave, wanted to flee
Somehow… it didnt feel like me.

I wanted to be near you
I wanted to touch you
My heart kept saying no
But i just didnt do so.

We had to cross the line
Another reason to leave behind
Do i ever learn?
To never start to yearn.

Theres a reason why we shouldnt
Cross the boundaries of friendship
If i could… i wouldnt
But we were in too deep.

Your kisses linger
In my memory and i shudder
With fear… i am in fright…
Is it…or such bitersweet delight?

I dont have the answer
To the question i shouldnt bother
I know… had i listened
To the whisper that insisted…

I shouldnt have allowed
To break my vow
Never to tarnish once again
A friendship that left me to yearn.

I never learn… i never do
We give in and played with our soul
I sing and laugh with you
At myself for digging a deeper hole.

What used to be a sweet comfort
Now filled with a silent plea
To restore what was in the past…
Undo the ties when we fell in lust.

Keeo me from making another mistake
Stop me from the desires i crave
Let us be …. just all that i can take
And let me be… when i misbehave.





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