[our] love….work of art.


our love is like a work of art
my words are silent whispers of my heart
your deeds are the desires of our soul
together you and i… one of a whole
our love is a masterpiece
we searched for our bliss
and found our way to our second first kiss
and we know we are made for this.
our love is the canvass
that we drew from the past
my heart sees you in wonderful shades
and yearning is the price that we paid.
our love is like my diary
a real life bittersweet true love’s story
two hearts fueled by the chemistry
and love became our energy
as we go through life in synergy.
our love is like a beautiful love song
that we refused to listen for so long
for our hearts beat loud and fast
our soul running around in circles and at last
finally knew which way to go
….it led us back to the place only we know.
our beautiful love is like a melody
of the beautifu tune that we used to fancy
from the love song that we used to play
light my darkest day.
our love is nothing like the one they can see
as our love is our own and only you and me
as we create the beauty that we find in the pain
of our hearts that it has never waned.
our love is like my poetry
sometimes sad, happy… melancholy
as i write the musings of my soul
the yearning to complete our whole
and as the pen moved through
the whispers of my heart
the most beautiful thing we have ever made
is to make our love … a work of art.

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