Everything is Possible if You Read Books .

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Everything is Possible if You Read Books

Reading is Fundamental for Success

reading is power

All The Power in the world is contained within the binder of books!

If you are looking to be the best that you can be, I don’t think that there is a better hobby for you than reading.  When you talk to people today it is sad to me how little we read books that expand our horizons and push ourselves to grow and think a little bit.

I understand that there is an inordinate number of distractions out there today, all vying for our short attention spans, and books seem to be getting the short end of the stick.

I am going to champion the wonder of books and the magic they carry in their pages just waiting for you to read their words.

I was fortunate and have been semi-literate since I was four years old, reading books with my parents and by myself as often as I could.  As a child I was aware of the power of words, to catapult your imagination and stimulate thoughts of places you have never been.

As I grew older the importance of reading fell behind other interests like sports, girls and money.  I was subject to the same time restraints everyone else is.  I forgot what power was hidden in the pages of these works of art.

teaching you something through books

Find the book that is just right to interest you.

Eventually as life has unfolded, I finally started to ask some questions that nobody could answer.  How we live it and what being alive on this planet was all about?  I wasn’t the first one and won’t be the last, fortunately I was able to find some great guides for this journey and they were all located in the pages and words of books.

The first really great book I read was called The Kingship of Self-Control and The Majesty of Calmness, by William George Jordan, which was written about 100 years ago, but it is a guide for your behavior that is for the most part applicable today.

Dealing with honesty, greed, calmness, how to treat others, it was a revelation and I have him to thank for my reawakening in literature.  Since I read that book, I have read somewhere between 60 and 100 books on various topics, but always being drawn toward philosophy, psychology and how life works.

william george jordan

The Book that started my journey, it will make you want to be a better person!

The more I read and learned the more I wanted to learn. There were many things that nobody had ever told me, so not only was I entering a new world I had never visited, it  was a world I didn’t even know existed.

That there are other philosophies about reality or that our minds work a certain way because of conditioning was an exciting discovery.

There isn’t any force that could stop me from learning more and reading now.  That is a passion and a desire that I would hope for everyone.

One of the saddest conversations I have had recently was with a high school student who stated clearly that most of her classmates didn’t see the value in reading and in fact couldn’t remember  that last time they read a book.

The reason they stated was that they didn’t see the value in it, you can just watch things or television or your computer.  Which is true, but you will never have the intricate connection that absorbing words from a page into your mind will give you.

This connection is more powerful than any television show you will ever see, and is available to anyone who is literate.  All you have to do, once you have the power of literacy is apply it and there you go you are off to whatever pinnacle you are reaching for.

For myself, reading helped crystallize what my dreams were, and it may help others do the same thing.  Read a book that is about something you are interested in and then ask questions about the information you learn.  That will inevitably lead you to another book and more knowledge and before long you will be smarter than you ever imagined possible.

Knowledge is power, and power will help you get anywhere you want to go, regardless of

be a bookworm

I can’t think of anything better than being a Bookworm!

your economic background or your family situation, you can achieve whatever you want by applying yourself in reading.  You can learn from the mistakes of others, building on their philosophies, adopting what proves right to you and discarding what doesn’t seem to fit.  This is learning and seems to be a lost art in our overly mandated education system today.

So if you are wondering about anything and curious about how to be successful or how to run a business or how to climb a mountain or how to sail a boat, all that you need to know is located somewhere in a book for you to discover, read and master.  All you have to know is where to look.

Read for your mind, read for your soul, and read for your success.  There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish through the power of literacy.

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