love vs. fear.




There are only two main emotions in life. The first is the emotion of love; every beautiful thing in this world has been created with love, by love or through love. The second is the emotion of fear- and through the emotion of fear the world has witnessed way too many atrocities to mention here in this article.


Every world recession, depression or financial crisis is or has been caused by fear and the deployment of this fear. People will buy into fear, because what their media tells them they accept as the doctrine truth. Now the fact that the world is in turmoil is not a lie, yet did you know that this carnage could be turned around in a flash. Through a world-collective conscious shift in believe.


People should get out of the fear based-economy we are in and start believing in the possibility of an economy that was never meant to be doomed or run into a cliff.


Fear profits a woman or man absolutely nothing, yet you do not need to fight your fears for all that the fear represents… All you need to do to overcome fears is to overrule the feeling that fears bring forth- for instance, whenever you feel anxious- force yourself to believe you feel absolutely wonderful and thrilled to be alive. Here is where vision comes into the picture, hold a vision of your goal and in this picture make only space for creative undertaking. Believe that your mind is genius and your hands are magic, for with this ultimate combination- anything you touch or come in contact with must become phenomenal, because you are phenomenal.


Turn your eyes away from the box of fear, where the average soul of man would not dear to think outside of the box. Do not look back at past failures; instead look ahead at the green field of opportunities that your heart longs for.


Just like anything else; what you do not use, you lose- and this is what we should do with fear. And for all people on this earth to lose their fears can only result in a world free for beautiful possibilities for all. People have to start believing in a world where their dreams are possible. And one of the main methods to work in this way is to look only and to see positive opportunities in every challenge we encounter.

Yes it may be called the way of the optimist… However life has never developed positively, through ways of pessimism, if we keep wearing the glasses of doom, we shall all experience a world of doom. How much effort does it take all of us in this world, to take of the glasses of doom and start looking at the world with our bare eyes and seeing the beauty that it has always constantly kept for us?


4 thoughts on “love vs. fear.

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  3. I agree with all that you say. We are so accustomed to fear being a part of lives that we don’t even realize how it permeates our every moments. First thing is to be aware that it is there. And as you suggest, let it go and redirect the energy that you’ve put into being afraid. Oh, the possibilities! Thank you for mentioning my blog. Namaste.

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