black and blue.

my husband went up to my room
after months of seeing him
beat me up, swept me up like a broom
till i cant see whats been.
he hit me like some stick
he knew i was just too weak
i was carrying our daughter
and so he too, hit her.
hes been on to something,
i know that is true
whatever is bothering him
theres just nothing i can do.
hes always been a king to her
but i know that started to falter
what she saw, i cannot undo
my daughter’s too wise,
that he knew that too.

he slammed my head against the door
till i begged to stopped
but he heard wrong, i was asking for more
till i couldnt get up.
my daughter’s been screaming, and crying
she cried out dad, please stop
but he kept on beating me up.
i tried to cry, one more tear to show him
that would make his dream
come to reality, he wanted me to cry
but no tear fell from my eye….

it mustve been painful for him
to leave me and not run after him
but the love’s been gone,
long befo we were done
and there is no one else to blame
but both of us for what has failed.
i screamed and cried for my soul
he can punch me, but then all
a tear from me would be his goal
but i tried to cry…l no tear would ever fall.

i feel pity for him in fact
he has everything and what he’s got
means nothing to him i know
he’s in deeper shit than he’ll ever show.
the wounds would heal in a day or two
but what he’s done…
inside..l he’ll always be black and blue.


3 thoughts on “black and blue.

    • i wish to be of inspiration to those who are going through the same situation as i.. to show them that it doesnt make us less of who we are…. and that there is something truly wonderful inspite all the ugliness.

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