money on trees at the end of the rainbow.

they say theres a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… but what if, there was a pot of gold, and trees that bear money as fruits? wouldnt that be the coolest? i decided to draw this…. because almost everyone i talked to the past fee weeks is a little short on cash… who isn’t? yeah, me too…. so the thing is… if had — WHEN i get my money (universe conspire) to pay for my projects, i know i would share it ….hey, what little i have, i share …. which is funny coz i have alot of collectibles but never have the guts to collect,…
what is that about,???

anyway.. just a little tidbit for those who are constantly trying to make ends meet…. it is possible. if only we commune with nature, and use out hidden resources, somehow the problems just dissolve on their own. money is everyone’s problem.. we can help each other with that… the rest kf our woes are basically issues. 🙂

Happy hunting everyone… and share your blessings… 🙂



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