sweet reunion.

its seems like yesterday,
i saw you took off to some place far
and i got lost along the way
i often wondered where you are.

i never thought i’d see you again
when i left, i took your heart with me
and kept it hidden then
locked it safe along with your memory.

i tried to live but i felt dead
when you were gone,
i tried to love again but insteas
….you were and are still the one.

a hug to share, i couldn’t care
i miss the way i touch your hair
this is great… time never passed
i have proven now our love will always last.

this is home… this is you and me now
decades of life and yet somehow
they years apart we learn to strive
only now we really feel alive
sweet reunion…
you and me..
on a street…
we meet…
and it took us to heaven
and then……


One thought on “sweet reunion.

  1. This is great, how fun! And thanks for doing that to share with all of us (I acllutay tried to handdraw a few words like you a few days ago). Did you do it through Fonts for Peas’ or some other font design program? Is it a true type font (.ttf)? I totally plan on buying it before the weekend’s out (in the middle of moving now and husband has all our credit cards & stuff somewhere else right now).Was just curious if this is like any other font download, like say via dafont.com. One can still kern in photoshop & whatnot? I’d love to see the character pallet a little bigger too! Anyway, sorry about the long comment- this was an exciting post!PS- I especially love your pretty, loopy/swirly letters & symbols (M & A etc.)!

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