i’ve been feeling very lightheaded and intoxicated the past few days.. couple of weeks. especially after drawing and writing about it. i literally float out of my body and could fly… one person said she could feel my inner peace through my drawings… and she knows i am grounded. i told her that yes, internally, my cup is so full that it is overflowing and the only way to keep filling it up is through sharing it with others…. i am loved and i am a loving person. i am blessed with a good heart and kindness that i wish to impart with others. i may have cut ties and burned bridges the previous weeks but now i know that they were essential to my journey because they hinder me from my growth. i wish they would understand that sometimes it takes a lot to be a part of my life and if i feel being cornered and judged, i cannot allow that in my life.
other than that, i am a person. first and foremost and i am intoxicatingly enjoying every minute of my extraordinary journey of the life that i chose to live. a magical and seriously way out of this world life that i cannot put my two cents on. it simply just is ….

life is is all that i could ever need and i know, He up there is doing everything He can to get me through where i needed to be, to do …

life simply is anything but ordinary. but in order to live a very extraordinary life, we have to give up alot of things that make it ordinary. give up alot of people that make life mundane. i firmly believe in my heart and soul that we were brought here for a higher cause and not just to do ordinary stuff and be secure and yet still be unhappy and discontented… and disconnected..

life rocks! big time… and it rocks even more when you have love inside your heart. 🙂



3 thoughts on “lighthead.

  1. This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

  2. I am where you are. As a couple, my husband and I made some decisions to change direction. We knew there was more for us. Unfortunately, when you decide to do something that goes against what others think you should be doing, despite the fact that what you WERE doing was making your life less than happy, you may end up with a few less friends. This is what happened to us. We just knew that for us, we had to make certain decisions that were the best for us and for our family and brought us greater fulfillment and happiness. Because we are in a better place, we are more willing to give out, to be all we can be. I loved this post. it so resonated with me. 😀

    • sometimes we dont want to part with them…abd keep them forever but their judgements are just too much. it is better this way i guess. who knows what’s gonna happen soon. occasional / awkward hi hellos? thank you for taking time to comment.

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