Sacred Partnership: Choosing, Seeing, Being Love in Every Moment

Sacred Partnership: Choosing, Seeing, Being Love in Every Moment

What is a Sacred Partnership?

Truly, it is a haven. It is heaven. It is a joining of God and Goddess in light, in divine love. A Sacred Partnership is also a spiritual one, yet this applies whether you follow the religious way or the Gnostic way. Spiritual means that you vibrate, your essence vibrates in spirit, beyond your physical form, beyond your minds comprehension. It is limitless, completely infinite. The possibilities of creation, the power that you have to manifest, to bring forth, to reveal the truth, the potentials, are truly limitless. Spirit is the essence of you within your body. Spirit is not tainted. Right and wrong are not words that spirit understands. Spirit sees, feels, is and acts in love – divine, true, eternal love with no conditions, no expectations, no self serving needs. It is free. It is there. It desires to give always, in all ways.

What does a Sacred Partnership look like?

It is one in where both partners choose love in every moment and when there is a choice that does not seem like it is in the vibration of love, both partners will acknowledge it and help each other through it, into love. Every experience, every opportunity gives us another chance to move deeper into love, again, to choose. In a Sacred Partnership, both of your souls have this magnetism to one another but it isn’t only to be WITH one another, it is to serve the divine. It is to bring deeper waves of profound, eternal, unconditional love into the planet, however creative way inspires you. Whatever your passions are, bringing them forward in such deep ways to create and give to the world. In a sacred partnership, there are no time frames. There is a honoring of the divine flow and this honoring of the divine flow is connected to your natural presence, which is always connected to your intuition. You move with the divine flow. You have a relationship with the divine flow, to co-create with it. You notice the signs around you and you follow, take action as you are guided, inspired action.

You see and you feel the oneness that is. You feel the connection with everyone and everything. You move past any attempts of judgment that may come through, let them wash away. You see the light of love shining within everyone and every experience. You desire to always stay connected to this deep sacred divine love within your heart. As you feel this love and you stay connected to this love, you desire to enhance and increase that love. One of those ways is to fully merge with your beloved. As you vibrate in this deep love frequency and your beloved does the same, it is almost like two batteries, side by side, emitting waves of magnetic attractors. That desire and that urge to merge becomes not a selfish intention for physical pleasure but it becomes a loving, intimate, expression and expansion of the love within that you hold, joined with the love within that your beloved holds. As you make this love, you increase this love between you, it intensifies and magnifies into the cosmos. Remember, you now have the sight that everything is connected, that we are all one. If that is the case, as you share in that love, you extend it.

In a sacred partnership, you know in the deepest parts of you, that the love that you have, that you feel, that you share, that you ARE, in partnership is not only for you, your partner, or your union, it is for everyone. It’s almost like your mind will not even allow you to separate that love for and with everyone else. Truly, there is no separation. This partnership is a higher, higher vibration of love. It has no pieces of the old paradigm of relationship. There are no rules and there are no roles that you play. There are no rules and limitations placed upon your partnership. There are no roles placed upon you or your partner in how to be with one another. You just ARE, and you both recognize that you are the divine I AM presence, one with each other. Therefore, you can withstand anything that comes up, within your psyche, individually or together, that does not vibrate in this higher love frequency. You willingly, together, help each other into deeper love. The processes that you go through, what you learn through them, how you evolve through them, you desire to share this with the world. Your capacity to create and your excitement for creation increases. Truly, the love is in the work that you do, the passion that you bring forth, the creations that you bring in. As you create, as you’re connecting with that passion, you are loving your partner more and you are loving the world more. The reverse is also true, that when you are loving your partner, your inspiration and desire for creation increases, which then intensifies the desire to share with all that is. At this time, sacred partnerships, are intended to bring us ALL deeper into love. It is important that you choose this way. There are no right or wrong choices, but if you desire to have a sacred partnership, it is important that you choose love and that you move past any fears that stop you from being in love and allowing yourself to give and receive this love. It is so powerful, SO powerful and needed.

This sacred partnership is meant to be the embodiment of union consciousness, in form, beyond the words, so that people see, feel, experience the vibration that you hold together. It speaks volumes, beyond the words that you share, beyond the creations that you give, beyond the path that you live. It is your divine birthright to shine the light of the truth of eternal, sacred, divine love by seeing it, being it, living it, loving it, growing it and sharing it.



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