a day with grandpa

dear gramps,
its been a year now.
i remember how i sat
so proudly on your lap.
i feel like no one can
touch me because i got u
and they got none.

your loving eyes would always say
im sorry but i have to scold u today
you wink and raise your voice
i try to cry and make some noise.
grandma would keep quiet
she knows we were acting i bet.
but then… she got what she asked
and we smile… youre done with your task.

we may never have this afternoon again
but i remember vividly all these then.
you have made my childhood the best
and i never want to leave that place
ill keep u in my heart til the end of days.

i hardly miss you… because you never left my heart….
i know you are always here … 🙂

i love you…



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