i feel like i am living in a fast paced life. all the things that i should have been all throughout… i am living it now. i have a life. i am living who i am born to be. finding meaning and waiting for the GO SIGNAL from someone up there to fulfill my purpose. He sends the right people my way… People I learn from. People who shifts my soul to the right direction and finally… the person who drives my soul to go the extra mile and be who I AM.

the BAD GIRL with A GOOD heart.

sometimes, we tend to do the right thing. even if it doesnt feel right. because it diminishes our light… our life… our living to our best potential. it cuts our growth, we don’t learn to live and we cling on to our own safety. even if my life seem to be imperfectly chaotic… what is important, in my point of view is that… to quote Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama, Buddha and the likes…. true test of inner peace when the external may seem chaotic… we remain still and accept it.

at the end of the day.. we still thirst in the midst of the PERFECT imperfect life. but that thirst is quenched if we stand tall.. in the midst of an IMPERFECT perfect life. 🙂
thank You Lord for quenching my thirst.



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