i am an artist.


i used to say… i am a daughter
i am a friend, i am a wife
i am a sister, and a mother…
i used to be that… in my old life.

but when things beyond our control
happen for a reason and we falter and fall
in a blink of an eye, we lose one of who we thought we are
we don’t lose ourselves…we just lose a title.

we aren’t who we really all that
we are just who we really are
it doesn’t matter if we have alot
to know ourselves, we have so much more.

and we try to live a life and see
how the inner peace inside of me
allow us to test the strength and lessons learned
and be who what we always yearned.

the price is too high to pay
but it is worth all the way
the solidity of our strength will try
to fall deaf from what we used to cry.

minds and thoughts is not really us
contrary to what we believed in the past
we put a label to our name
and sing a song …. they sang the same.

out of the ordinary… and out of the box,
i have learned that a wife, or a daughter,
a mother… i thought that i was
is never enough because i could lose her.

we lose all those who we thought gave us a name
sadly we play the rules of the game
and when we live and lose we forget
that we never lose ourselves, so we regret.

a life we had once and a life that we could have
won’t ever be enough for one to rise above
whatever life throws our way…
may we always remember…
all we have is us… at the end of each day.

i am a poet, i am a romantic.. and very hoplessly
i am a writer, i am a lover. so many part of me
but all i know is i am loved. i love the the thirst
is quenched when i became true..
and show the world… i am an artist.


8 thoughts on “i am an artist.

  1. 152116 726925Depending on yourself to make the decisions can actually be upsetting and frustrating. It takes years to build confidence. Frankly it takes a lot more than just happening to happen. 725385

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  4. Outstanding! We have to remain true to ourselves in the midst of the many roles that we play as women. I am learning how to do that a little bit more each day. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to just BE!

  5. So true that we define ourselves by our titles, which in turn is defined by what we are to others, rather than defining ourselves by our true selves within each of us….
    Great post….

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