happy place.

when sad… we all have our happy place. it’s not literally a place we go to. its a place we get into. memories, dreams… or that special person you hold close in your heart… we can’t really call it our happy place if we don’t learn to love ourselves first… because we would not really find the joy we desire if we aren’t loving ourselves in that happy place… we look at pictures, watch dvds… but then.. memories always bring some feeling that we can’t describe. pain of longing for what will never come again… i have a happy place inside my heart. the place that i choose not to remember for a few years. when the absence of that person i share memories with has changed me… i couldn’t bring myself to be taken back in time. i couldnt bring myself to be led there. i didnt know why… now i do. i have masked the pain that changed me. if i let myself go there, the longing and the emptiness inside is something we all wish to forget. and so we did.
but now.. after a series of blessings in disguise, i have finally learned to get real and allow myself to be enveloped by the truth that hurt me…

now i am better, i am fine,… i let myself walk around memory lane. and since i started to draw… what once i thought to be the impossible is alot easier if we open our hearts. i have drawn memories… and it is the one of the greatest gifts i ever got. we may never relive those times exactly the way it was then but it is possible to recreate that life we had that made us who we are now. the life that led us to forget ourselves out of pain and fear and heartache…
once in a while, it is comforting to know that there is that special someone you could share that special place when thigs get a little shitty. we become the carefree, fun and loving person we don’t show to anyone. we become someone else for a moment…. we become our real selves… to each other.
we go on with our daily lives and it gives us so much joy that inspite of the harsh truth…. we know there is that special magical place we allow ourselves to revisit once in a while. the feeling of finally home is the only state we yearn. we lose ourselves to be able to remember who we really are from the very start. we travel through time and the magic of life start to spark the fire that had been put off for so long. until we have finally found ourselves again..
there has only been one person who has ever touched me so much deeply and who have danced with my soul… he is my happy place. he is the world that i live that i wish to relive over and over again. share moments that cannot be captured without the heart.. i believe that God brougt him back to make me in touch with my inner child, inner being and higher self… because i have discovered alot about myself with him. the feeling that you are finally comlete as a person is what matters.
so cherish each moment that have has our souls dancing… and discover the wondrous gift that the world has to offer…








3 thoughts on “happy place.

  1. I consider this article one of the most thought-provoking articles I’ve read in some time. Your viewpoints and ideas are both unique and interesting. I’ve learned something through this information.

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