poetry in motion.

i pray to never run out of words…to be able to show the world
how our love has transformed
what once a cynic, now reformed.
though there are probably not enough
to describe all the love i have for you
even if things are a little tough,
there”s just so much to do.
and it seems like He always answers
my silent little prayers
that my heart whispers
and He gave me hands to write…
for things to be alright
i feel so much blessed
and somehow passed the test.
I have always been grateful
to all the gifts He gave me
although i can be a handful…
i just learned to let it be.
anything our hearts desires,
He delivers …and never expires
…How I only used to yearn
Pictures that speak to me
how they do it, i thought I wont ever learn…
Until one day…
when words wouldn’t be enough for me to say
how much i love you…
a love that only seemed possible
in the movies that they do…
a love enough to have it all.
now i can draw…
imperfectly still with a flaw
but it doesn’t matter because poetry
and pictures move others if they will see
only what the eyes refused..
the hearts will see the cues.
I love you dearly… maddeningly
there isn’t anything that i would
ever try to change in you
i love you just the same, bad or good
i love the way you love me too.
i love how you He made you a tool
to become what i never learned in school.
and i hope you know that you are a miracle
in my life… and to others too
because someday, they’d see how beautiful
a bittersweet story of a love so true.

because of you, i have learned to make poems
because of our memories, i tried to recapture
the past that are long gone…
but to recreate, nothing could ever measure
what i could put into a picture.
you are a gift to everyone else
someday, you and i will become legends
a love story that is so surreal
we have nothing but what we only feel.
we give hope to those who refuse to believe
that hearts are bigger and we learn to live
….i love you but i am out of words to say
i could draw it, i could paint all the colors…
in every strokes, each and every way…
when we rise above all these, they will know
what they cannot see, will bring them awe.
i love how you light the fire in me
i love you so much… endlessly…
i love you for you let me love and create
when you unlocked the gates

now i am out of words to say…
all i know is…
we are destined in heaven…
to rise above the things that are on the way
to give and share our love….
each and every day..

forever yours,



love me with all of your heart.
love me the best way you know how.
i love you for letting me believe in you.
and i love you… for our love in my life…
is the only love that’s true.


regardless of what they say. as much as i don’t want to believe… what the heart believes in, what the soul have agreed upon… there is no turning back now. i am ready to take the plight with you. because i know… we are here for a reason. we have a special love going… and one day, that would give hope to those who do not believe ….in a love that they love…. to see in the movies.


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