drawn to ask.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek,

and ye shall find; knock,

and it shall be opened unto you:

Matthew 7:7

when i was a child, i always used to love to color. i wanted to draw but i was too frustrated everytime because i couldnt put in picture what i wanted to. i could make smileys, stick figure and a hut and a coconut tree… then… just very recently, i have discovered so many wonderful gifts that the good Lord has blessed me with. i doodled… i had my kid’s sketch pad and crayons in my room. by some force, i took it from her a few days earlier and just left it lying around my room. while i was on the phone with him, and he was voicing out his current woes, i wanted to be there …right beside him. but since i knew that he would rather be alone, and i on the phone…. i wanted to send my love… so i doodled hearts… then… i just kept doodling the next day…

and i didn’t know how i did it, but i started doodling dreams, memories…. [that i cannot take photos of…] and it just sort of flowed…. my hands were floating like someone was doing all the strokes for me…

it feels so good! i used to think that it would take alot of miracle for me to draw. although a part of me always thought that if i can write… then i could also draw. there has got to be some way… then this is what i came to believe:

i believe that if we open our hearts to God’s wonders, nothing is impossible. My reunion with my first love is a miracle that all was well…. To feel the same feelings 15years ago…that has got to be the biggest miracle i have ever had in my life… God is simply amazing. and all the time when we have given up on ourselves, all we had to do is really just ask…with all our hearts… because we would be given it. I know in my heart, that all these pain sometimes… I have somewhat asked for this.

I prayed for wisdom and He leads me to the right books, articles, blogs…

i asked for inspiration. – He gives me heartbreaks and sends me back in time

I asked to know more of God,- He gives me miracles.

I asked to know more of myself and to push beyond my limits.- He lets me go beyond my “border”

I asked [and i dont mean to be disrespectful, by ask… i mean to pray…] ….i

asked that He show me how it is to live to the fullest and to reach for my full potential.- He sends me to the right people who i can learn something from and practice values— [i never thought i would have..lol]

I prayed –religously that I fulfill my purpose in this lifetime and find meaning in my life. — then with that… i am currenty praying for discernment. 🙂

and get this: i prayed last October 2011 that I may find the right person for me. who can dance with my soul and forever have and feel the bliss that would give us the inner peace having found each other and that would help me find my purpose and his as well. the person who gets me.. who is also as crazy as me but accepts me and gives me the freedom to be who we really are. and….BAM!!! after 3 days, like a slap on my face He led me to him.. HE led me back in time. and boy! am i too frustrating to love!!

I have my digital posters, dried flowers, photography, printabilities,

and the closest to my heart and soul…. my writing. and now…. doodling.

I know I can come up with something that I could put all these together soon. and i can almost feel that my dreams are finally coming to reality very very soon…. the book i have envisioned when i was young… is a very personal one. with hand drawn illustrations… and i guess that is probably why i have been putting it on hold, although i knew i was going that way… it still didnt feel right at the moment. but now… OMG!!! I am so freaking out because I know… it is really really near… I will know very very soon.. nevertheless, just playing it by ear and going with the flow,






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