love never dies.

LOVE never dies.

There is an ocean wide space
inside ourselves that we search from place to place
hoping to fill in the void.

temporarily we replenish
but soon, it leaves us famished
and we question ourselves.

but to face ourselves, we hurt
we ponder what would really be worth
so again… we go and leave.

it is something so vast
that it completely takes over us
and we change.

we lose a piece of ourselves
and become someone else
we disconnect.

we may have it all.
but we can never control
too much we instill.

inside the empty space,
is the most sacred place
a heart that we waste.

our hearts is wider than the ocean
if we look back where it all began
…we create love.

and the love we create …
is enough to erase the hate
no day is ever too late.

when we love. we believe
what we can’t see… we give
and win what can’t be seen.

our hearts will know
what is there wherever we go.
love never dies.



Maybe some things are best left unseen. When we love, we do not require anything. We just simply love for the sake of loving because we love ourselves enough. I guess we may never understand what love really is. Each of us have their own definition, all i know in my heart is that when we love, we begin to see a part of ourselves that we haven’t seen before. We become better and we become whole. Alone or not. If there is love inside us, we have everything. And nothing else matters. Because everything will simply fall into place. At the right time, at the right moment. When God has finally put us where we should be within. In my heart, Love simply lives on. We never have to go the extra mile to prove or we could be miles apart …. but if there is love inside our hearts… we learn to live.

there are things in life that we can’t see… and can only be felt from the depths of our heart and soul. no material possessions cannot measure up to that treasure within. and that feeling will give you the greatest strength to endure anything..
at the end of the day, you can only allow yourself a small smile that comes from within because we are the only ones who can feel it.. not even our own minds can tell us. so we simply just let it go and avoid resistance.
only then we are home. 🙂








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