once again

things they say happen for a reason
and there isnt anything we can do
what’s meant to happen must happen
and we hardly have a clue.
but we can choose to learn
from the past that scarred us
And maybe learn to forgive
and teach our hearts to believe.
once again.

deep scars that are hardly healed
takes alot and hard to reveal
so much time have passed….
so many masks we have to peel.
once again.

maybe the heart whispered love
maybe the soul it was a gift from God
love and all that goes with it
heartbreak… pain and defeat.
once again.

i can forgive a million times
my heart can only do so much
and when we cross the lines
we lose a part of us… and inside we are out of touch
once again.

i never asked for anything from you
i only asked you to always be true
to yourself, to your heart, just be
….because love is betrayed painfully.
once again.



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