magical saturday in July.


it’s almost six in the morning,
and i sit in my favorite corner
alone, listening to the raindrops falling
watching the sky and i wonder.
how it knew what i feel inside,
there is no way i cannot hide
..when the tears won’t fall,
and i build my wonder wall…
the heavens let me see,
the tears i wouldn’t free.
against the wind, we get closer than before
fleeting like the blue sky that slipped
among the grey clouds that wasn’t there before
trying to reach the hope that is so steep.

its almost a little before six, on a saturday
i wait for my heart to lead the way
to a place where raindrops are tears
of joy and washed away the fears
that caused my heart to feel so forlorn
on a beautiful saturday morn.
would you love to spend the day with me?
just forget about all the things in reality
we could watch the skies as grey clouds
move past to make way
for the sun to shine through so proud
like the birds in the sky… we fly so high
as you and me share a magical Saturday in July.


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