if these walls could talk.

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if your walls could talk, what would it say to you? does it have a story to tell? secrets to share… advice to give…. insights to keep others inspired?

i have put off the publishing of my book because it didn’t feel right yet. or maybe because i am still too shy to show the world who i really am… but i can feel that my dreams are almost coming to reality… and this wall candies is a stepping stone. i simply cannot shock the people to their very core by showing them my very very core. 🙂 where i am at, its a really small city where every body knows your name [sounds like cheers…] and besides, too much mystery is useless. they can smell right through every word…

so maybe just in time for my secrets to reveal, i asked my friend [who also had a turbulent journey….but is even harder than me to get out of her skin… much more dig in…] i suppose this is her start since little did she know… i have it big inside my head. i can hardly contain the excitement…

if these walls could talk are wall candies and a pocketful of sunshine on your walls…. 🙂
digitally handcrafted with love.

[personalized tidbits of love, sunshine, inspirational quotes framed for sale.]

thank you to those who shared their photoshop brushes online. big help.


2 thoughts on “if these walls could talk.

  1. Core and all, you will never know if you don’t put yourself out there. Remember, you control the rate of emerging secrets, – reveal rather than expose, it is not an all or nothing. You are wearing the cloak, open it slowly, show a little, open it fast, close it completely, you control the flow. Cheering you on, delighting in your process.

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