we’d have it all.

its five in the morning,
and the rain is pouring
would the sun rise in a bit?
would earth and light meet?

i wouldn’t know …i remain still
forgetting everything that is real
i watched the rain drops fall
we have love… we have it all.

who knows what tomorrow brings
it comforts me that you and i sing
the melody as calming as the rain
breezy like we were young again.

rumbles in the sky
lightning touched the ground
colors lit up and i sigh
the the raindrops’ calming sound.

so serene, so quiet, so surreal
thoughts of you keep me in a dream state
that would be enough to wheel
the sands of time back to our fate.

i close my eyes and still i see
raindrops that are falling above me
i hear the tip taps on my pane
i hear nothing but that and  “the flame”.

i hear you and i feel you near
like the sound of my heart so clear
like thee rain drops that fall
freely you  and i …. we’d always have it all.



my dearest love,

i wish you are feeling well today… i miss you with all my heart. even if i don’t say it. micheal buble‘s always on my mind is playing now… i remember when you held me close that night in december… you shushed me coz you wanted me to listen to the words. i miss you. i miss that. i cannot wait for you to be back to your old self. i love you, babe…
see you soon.

forever yours,

~♥ me


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