see only love as it is
pure as the morning mist
calm as the clear blue sky
serene as a lullaby.
feel only love inside
let it be there forever
give more and never hide
for it will keep us together.
hear only love in your life
hear my words in your heart
deem it always clean and right
please remember back to the start.

see only love as the beauty
that lights up the life that we
signed up for to live in here
let love wash away the fear.
feel only my love that is so true
embrace the feelings i have for you
always see the miracle
that love is enough to have it all.
touch my heart and only see
good things and be free
from all the thoughts
that the heart forgets
a love so beautiful…
live to see and be grateful
that you and i …. our love
is a gift.. and a miracle.


5 thoughts on “miracle.

  1. love was first holding hands and gazing into deep beautiful eyes
    then it was touch and exploration, and deeper kisses,
    followed by the promise of a future bright and sensual delight
    then diapers and endless sleepless nights
    and tottering first steps and scrapped up knees
    soon standing back in pride and admiration as eaglets soar away
    what’s next, don’t know — just that it changes day by day

    • the situation changes day by day… but from what i’d gone through…
      once you feel deeply for someone, it’ll always be there… even after years of separation, spouses, kids… 🙂
      we just live in never never land and …. dont let reality get in the “bubble”….
      its just how that our minds tend to play with our own hearts sometimes.:)
      🙂 have a pleasant day… ♥

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