war for love.

let this be not the last time
that i cry in my pool of tears
even if my heart became weary and tired
to lose the feeling is my greatest fear.
let this not be the last night
that i sit in my on sorrow
that would give me hope to fight
as the day brings a new tomorrow.
let this not be the only break
of the heart that has loved to ache
only to love you more than you can
my heart loves more than enough for one.
my heart loves enough for both of us
…but if you should hurt me ….
then please be just…
don’t judge the beauty of love and light
let it be remain beautiful in the midst of our fight.
because i only wanted to love more than anything
the same way you asked me to hold back
what i feel inside my heart that makes it sing
to show that you and i belong together.
to show me that you can love as much as i
but to ask me to stop my heart, i cry
because then, that wouldn’t be me anymore
holding back is something i’ve never done before.

but maybe for once… just this once
i would see what you would do
maybe you and i could dance
the way our souls were meant to.
let this not be the last night
that i remember how to love
let be the morning light
that there is so much only a heart can have.
love me. love you. its like a tug of war
who could love more than the other
should i let you prove your heart to me
let your soul show where your heart is meant to be
…let this be a fight only for the good of us
….be the icing that we lust.
let our hearts meet and everything we could have
only see the beauty of you and me
in all we can be…. let us start our war for our love.

let this game we both win.


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