another night…come & go.

i stare blankly at the night sky
another day has gone by
and another one is yet to come
so much to do but left undone.

i listen to the silence that speaks
a thousand words as my heart seeks
for the answer of a forgotten question
that left me here in my lonesome.

love has come and stayed with me
but harsh words were spoken angrily
in the silence that i hear a scream
i am left with nothing but a dream.

i am alone but never feel so
how ironic because i then know
a company would only leave me
in the abyss and in misery.

but when alone i have you near
in my heart, in my thoughts… you are here
words are formed from my lips
but only the beating of my heart contradicts.

its such a mystery how love and life really is
to feel such sweet sorrow as this
but in our hearts they can hear what i can never say
and i know you feel that in such a way…

that we may never understand
how our hearts are held together in a bond
that no words can ever define the truth
the bond that went way beyond our youth.

another night has passed me by
with a tear that fell from my eye
another day has yet to come
would hearts finally be together as one?

i ask the sky for the love to be
joined together in peace and harmony
like the stillness of the midnight sky
the serenity of the day break to unify.

our hearts lead us to be where we
live to greet another day so freely
yet you and i will be together to see
a love to last forever and eternity.
another day may break the snow
another night may come and go..


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