how i got my love back.

when i miss someone so bad
all i have to do is close my eyes
even if sometimes it feels so sad
their memory never dies.

when i cant hold him, or touch him
i think back on the days when he was here
just like a memory from a dream
so vivid… so real… so near…

on the days when i embrace the pain
sometimes, it never really bothers
yet i know the love has always remained
even when apart… love still lingers.

i welcome the breeze that feels like an embrace
the photograph of a happy memory
that separation cannot ever erase
a love that has crossed what we can’t see.

i know he still got his eyes on me
like a ball of fire to light the way
when darkness would blindly
isolate a beautiful day.

to my grandfather, i know you are here
i can feel you in between each tear
just stay with me for a little while
until i have grown up with a beautiful smile.

i love you and now i am trying to understand
all the things that you told me before
it is never too late for me as we go hand in hand
as i explore life and what i could be and more.

stay with me, though i may appear grown up
i am still your little girl… who loves to sit on your lap
sing me to sleep with your wonderful oldie lullaby
and wipe my tears when i would cry.

34 years and i still cry on my pillow
but this time, no monsters or ogres that glow
but a heartache of a love that has let me live
to see a miracle that has led me to believe.

my hero, my superman…
you will always be in my heart
and i know this time you will be happy
for you have finally set me free.
the same way i let you be.


my grandfather… he wanted me to be happy but he couldnt let me be…. and i also couldnt bear to break his heart if i was to seek for my own happiness in the past. and that was to follow my heart … but this time, when he found his peace… he gave back the love i denied myself 15 years ago.


i now truly believe that in letting go anything that you

cannot control is the best way to go through life…

it is not being helpless…

but just by letting God do his thing…

and what He will give back, is what you are truly meant to have…

sometimes, we have to lose everything and

everyone we ever thought to be important in our lives for us

to be reunited with the ones our heart is ought to be with.

and we witness a miracle unfold right in front of us.


2 thoughts on “how i got my love back.

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