cry out in pain.

it rained so hard today
i wonder as i watch the leaves sway
to pass the time, i think of you
do you wish you were with me too?

i love the rain… and its a sunday
but there’s a tiny pinch inside my heart
how i wish we watch the day slip away
as raindrops fall apart…

i listen to our songs all alone
and i reach across for the telephone
all i wanted was to hold you now
and whisper loving words like a vow.

i know we cant be together yet
but i couldn’t help my heart but fret
i only wish for you to have a day with me
laze around and act young and free.

sudden waves of loneliness wash over me
crashing down like the waves of the sea
as i surf to watch the pouring rain
i listen to my heart cry out in pain.


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