You spoon a bite off your cake
and i sigh for i can not take
the sight of you as u open your mouth
makes me wonder whether we should go south.
I see you look at me and i blushed
was i that obvious? I wanna dash
but i smiled and wiped off the crummy
batted my eye lashes and remained icey.
But i know you can still see through
right through my knew
you eat another bite, and ur malicious lips
touches my glorious vanity… So it seeps.
I ate like a girl, and stared at u like a woman
should i play footsies… Just for fun
i trembled with fright, i want you to touch my neck
i smiled… Oh what the heck.
I can still feel you looking at me
i want to look back, but u might see
how much i want you…right here right now
eating me so fervently.
Like the dessert that you ate
i close my eyes and sighed with ache
touch my hand and you will feel
the fire inside that i try not to reveal.
Seems to me like youre reading my mind
as i looked at u, you asked for the bill and signed
you whispered breathlessly ”lets go”
like a stupid girl i asked where…
You winked and said… I want you for dessert…
And dessert after dessert.


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