love’s inventions.

if mr. webster could come up
with words to describe my heart
i dont think there would be enough
i dont think he’d know where to start.
if mr. gates could find the perfect program
to start or shut down what my heart knows
maybe he wouldn’t succeed
that is probably why he invented windows.
if mr. franklin could only light up
my world when it is dark
i dont think he had the power
like you do to make me spark.
if only galileo would’ve known
that the world was round
but did he know it was love
that made our feet not touch the ground.
would there ever be a time
when einsten or jung would be able to explain
the myth behind all these
why sometimes love is cure to pain.
i guess they might’ve known…
when they talk about what others feel
maybe they might’ve felt what it was alone
for the heart to know if it is real.
i have searched books and read
stories and lessons about love
i have seen alot and said
maybe our hearts will only know
how we can love each other so.
rumi and tagori…
have felt what i feel…
elizabeth browning have always known
in her heart is a love that only a heart has shown.
all these things that the heart have felt
has led me to be in a drunken state
when i used to never think of it
until it got too late.
i guess this is fate.
none of the greatest men of our time
would ever feel what only i can rhyme
they may have felt this too… and still
no one can ever love you the way i do
and i know that very much is real.
so when i tell you all the nasty things i say
i want you to close your eyes…
and listen to your heart..
because only then you may realize
that what i speak would be all lies.
My dearest Love,

you said:

“Loving you gives me such joy and pleasure,
trying to understand you makes me want to jump off the bridge.”

i think that is the sweetest thing anyone’s said to me. but you know, you dont have to understand me at all. just let me love you the best way i can… or let me love you the best way it is for you… when i fight with you, i just wanted to see if you would stop me from leaving. i want you to want me to stay… i know its crazy. but we are both a bunch of crazies….
i dont think the greatest inventors of all time would even have the nerve to try to understand me or at least come up with how i feel inside. but i truly believe in my heart.. what we are, who we are, and what we were and will be is God’s plan for us to be able to be perfect for each other. it doesnt matter how right or wrong we are. we never questioned our love for each other. but i also need to know that sometimes, you care enough to fight with me. i love you even more because of that..
forever yours,
if you jump off the bridge, pls make sure there is water and that you know how to swim.
at the end of the river, i will be there, with a smile.
i love you very much. 🙂


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