only love.

There is an insatiable hunger
that food cannot nourish
there is a deep thirst
that water cannot quench.
I have walked day in, day out
i have wandered through
the earth in an endless spiral
trying to find a little clue.
But none of the cuisines
nor the most expensive wine
has filled and the more i replenish
the answer i still couldnt find.
In the endless ebb
i weaved myself a web
that has has gotten me trapped
as it tied me up in a wrap.
The insatiable hunger
has seem to go on so much longer
the drying ache of my thirst
has led me to listento the silent calm whispers
of my heart that left me barren
the stirring of my insides
never left me…never did subside
i knew it was my soul
that hungers and thirsts to be whole
for the one thing that i longed…
The emptiness of all that i have
has filled all of me like a lyrical song
…The song of my heart that answers only love.

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