doesnt it make you wonder;
how we go through life and remember
all the things that we thought we are
only to find out we can be so much more.
everyday i go through my days
i have the need to learn and face
everything i am to surpass
trails and errors that never seem to last.
tiny miracles that go my way
are always gratified and i pray
to let it always be there for me
as i go on learning to really break free.
from everyone’s little perception
may it be good or bad, it doesnt matter
all i know is that i walk through with my passion
and make sure i always burn with fire.
life’s little riddles are best if i
just let it go and never terrify
because light will always come out of the dark
i just make sure that i have the spark.
life is worth living for.. worth dying for
i know i have lived to the fullest when i could give more
than what i always thought i could give
my faith saw me through, i learned to believe.
we are all met with daily stifes and trials
i learned to shrug it off and laugh
because i know it’ll pass, one tiny upheaval
just enough to make me a little more tough.
i have come to thank all the tribulations
that somehow fueled up my passions
to learn so much, i know i am on a journey
a never ending road that awaits for a better me.
to some i may have been a little chaotic
but how would they know i get my bliss
from sometimes being so erratic
….i learned to appreciate my inner peace.
so i jsut smile and let them think all
they could to make me fall
but when i became true to who i really am
my core would be a little bit of some.
everyday, i learn something new…
there are just times when i know
somehow someway, ill make it through
living through life and with the flow.
my minds, my thoughts… the secret
my heart, i fought… my soul woulnot forget
how to live the life He gave as a gift
to everyone ….if only we learn to lift.
lift it all to Him and let Him do
whatever He planned for me and you
i know He’ll only want the world to be
the place he intended for all to see.
life isn’t easy… but neither is it hard
it only would be…. if we dont play it right
He gave us the chance to play our cards
if only our minds would quiet the fright.
life will always be my greatest passion
love would fuel me as i go through the journey
to be so much better each day and season
evolve in to who i am and live with authenticity
as i live, love, and believe in all that i  i am meant to be.

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