3.33 AM


All alone, late at night

I lie awake in bed

In the dark, I see a light

As my heart repeated what you said.

But my mind tells me to forget

Every word you said to me

Because someday I might regret

And I will be sorry.

I know that I truly believe in you

And as much as I really want to

My heart is crushed because

To forget you would be my loss.

Each and everynight I cry

I bathe myself with pool of tears

To walk away, I know I’ll die

But my heart hears

All the words you said to me

Even if it gets so lonely

As I lie awake and think of you

My heart tells me you’re true.

It breaks me inside each night

We stay apart

But I know we have to do it right

For us to make a beautiful start.

I am not afraid to gamble

My heart and my soul

But if this wouldn’t be easy for you

I guess the only thing that I can do

Is to let you watch me as I try

To let you go as I slowly die

And give you the peace and harmony

That you have gotten used to

Before you were brought back to me.

My heart will always belong to you.

You tell me that I should have faith

And I should learn to trust

I do with all my heart and wait

But I fear… and though I must

Try to hold on a little bit longer

You said our love is much stronger

…I couldn’t even tell

Which pains me more so…

Should I cry and dwell?

Over the thought of letting you go.

You say that all this is part of the plan

For the joy that awaits you and i

And when the day comes for us to be one

There’d be no more tears to cry.

You said that we found each other…

Somehow, this is our forever

I cannot help but sit down and ask why

Its so hard to let the feelings die.

It is not you… that I am scared of

I fear nothing but I fear the love

That has made me fight and defy

Everything that I thought to deny

…I should not fear love… a love so true

I fear the strength that I am to become

Because of the love that I have with you

I begin to fear less, until I know

There isn’t anything that I cannot forgo

I love you more than I can ever do

You whispered in my ear

That you love me that much too

And my heart will always hear

But the yearning to spend a moment

With you is raging a war in the present

Because of your choices that would leave me

Hanging my heart on the line

For trusting you too much to see

The love that flourished over time.

I never wish to hold back

All the love inside my heart

Yet sometimes i lose track

And learn to part

With what is real inside my heart.

and so again, I wish to unopen

the river of time to be broken

and let it stand still

as our love forever will

find its own way to defeat

barriers that we come to meet

and as I try to be strong

i have to weaken my heart

so that I would stand along

and listen to what only my heart can hear

as your voice softly embraces my fear.

When I try to leave..

please never let me go

Always remind me to believe

The way you did when I get shallow

Because in my heart, it has come to know

That there won’t ever be a love

Like ours in the world that can move

Mountains and swim the deepest waters

Cross the line and borders…

Always assure me of what we have

I fear nothing but only for love

That I will allow to make me vulnerable

And accept what is unfathomable

Only you have ever told me words about fate

What is meant for us will always be

The sweetest love we can wait

Please let me trust the heart that is for me.

Let your words linger in the air

As I try to lay my heart and soul bare

As I fight the war and the battle

As my love for you I would gamble

….my own happiness to let you grow and be

You  tell me that our love always will

Find its own way to our destiny

To wait….only wait and it will reveal

As we take a leap of fate

And jump to what will come

Forever with you is worth the wait.

I love you. I really do

And I know you feel the same way too

But I cannot last another day

Wishing to find another way

To keep you here with me at night

As I cry and pray to make things right

Maybe our prayers have been answered

And to be apart is the price we have to pay

I know, and you know we are always heard

Deep in our hearts because our love has stayed

Through time and distance… we played

With our fate but it still led us back

To be where we are to stay right on track

To live our lives with the only love

That was given to us from above…

So help me please as I try to stop

Myself from all the pain inside

To yearn a love that is mapped

For us to love and to hide.


I love you. and please let that be

The only truth that you will ever see

Because you will always be the only one

In my life, in my heart …and my soul

We have true love… my love don’t run

One day, we would have it all

Have faith in our hearts and our love

You love is the only peace I have.

Please be patient with me this time

I love you and believe in that

I cant wait to say that I am

Right all along just you wait and see

Let me do it right… please allow me

We have a love that no one can destroy

Let me love you and let me show you

A temporary fix is nothing to lasting joy

Give me a chance to prove you now

Allow me to give you all the love

That I have held back over the years somehow

Let me show you what I am made of.

All these I do is all because

I will give you the greatest life at all cost

Believe me and trust my love for you

I know you are the only one I’ll ever love so true.

I want that love from you…

and I only want to be good for you

if I make life a little less uneasy that what youre used to

I wouldn’t allow myself if only for a minute

….because I only take heed of my own desire

And that is how you fuel up my fire.

I am so lost and so confuse

I cannot bring myself to refuse

My heart and my soul’s excuse

It is you who I yearn… it is you who I am here for

And all I want to do is to love you more.

Beyond what I can ever tell my heart and soul

To forget US is life forgetting about all

That I have waited to have all my life

And even as the night

Turns to day and so one less of stuggle

To the desire to forget the greatest pain of all

….it is not in loving someone who cannot love me back,

But it is in the love we have that

I cry everynight pool of tears wishing you were here

Wrapped in your arms where I do not fear

The love you can give me and the love that i

Should trust to never again deny

my heart from you and so I gamble

the love that has made me yearn and be vulnerable.


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