lock and key.

there is a deep spot in my heart

that i covered for so long

i tried to leave it behind

and loved only with my mind.

that spot is the only part

that wasn’t crumpled at the start

i thought slowly that

my heart has healed from the scars

when it was crushed.

so i began to close the gates

and held back all the love i berate

all the while it thought the key

to my heart has always been with me.

days passed by and then i learned

to get by and i discern

which road to take, which path to travel

because my heart was strong and well

….i led myself to believe

that was how i was supposed to live

how my mind had tricked me

letting my heart believe that i was finally free

even if sometimes i was looking back

down the road i thought i forgot.

a skip, a beat… my heart began to do

my soul jumped at the very thought of you

i liked the memory… i loved what we had

but the feeling would only leave me feeling sad.

in an instant i would look away

but my heart wanted me to stay

from the memory that left me to question

the life i chose to escape my feelings

all along… everything died.. so did my passion

i forgot all that would only cause me

to cry so hard without the tears

that i wanted so to fall freely

but only to let it wash away with fears.


my heart was tired… i didnt know why

it felt nothing inside…. slowly i began to die

to not feel… why did it tire me so?

i never knew i wasnt able to let go

i thought my heart i had locked

only to realize when you came back

it would reopen so wide once again

just like it then then…

i knew my heart would set my love free

when you kissed me and showed me the key.

for so long… you’ve had it all along.


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