The heart that truly loves never forget.
For love cannot be replaced or easily forgotten.
Rarely do we get a second chance at that
once in a life time..
But God works in mysterious way.
So when it happenned, rest assured,
it happened for a reason….


09.36 PM


i often ask myself … or my heart
how it could open up once again
isn’t she scared… once it was broken
…and the memory of the pain
is still fresh like a summer rain…
inspite of the years that have passed
she never thought it’ll ever learn to trust.
but the pain she held close in her heart
it scares her… but she couldnt part
from the pain, from her love… from herself
to face it all again. she made a fresh start
a decade of walls, she let it fall
series of numbness… she thought she had it under control
but when she found the love thats true
her heart found her way back to you.
she yearns so deep… even in her sleep
she loves so vast… a love she has learned to keep
she searched for that love, when her heart
tried to walk away
she searched for that love…
the love she hasnt forgotten until today.
now that she is faced with her greatest fear…
it wasnt that she would cry another tear…
she fears only ….to be someone else
to be untrue ….she fears to love
she fears the love that led her to find herself.
it was the love… the strongest of all
the power of her heart made her fall
it wasnt merely love… she couldnt find the words
but she knows… she’d risk it all
she spent half her life… running around
feeling lost… but never wanting to be found
…because she knows… she will be
the strongest and the bravest to fight
the war for the love to be free.


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