new age fairy tale.

as a child,

i used to dream
i was never mild
but its not what it seems
i wanted to be a princess
with all the ruffles
and fluffy dresses….
go out in the garden;
and picked lovely flowers
make a crown and then
i put them all together…

i dream that one day i
would find my knight
or that he would find me
….carry me in his horse
and live happily.
it was a happy childhood
and i lived life the way
they thought would do me good
and each and everyday…
pampered and cared for
and never needing anything more.
inside my fairy tale dream
aside from the thought of him…
i hid a secret longing..
behind each day dreaming..
i wanted not a fairy tale
i just didnt want to be a bride
….all these start to unveil
when i began to open my heart wide.
i wanted a story.
i wanted imortality
that would live forever and a day.
i wanted to play
words and never have to run out of anything to say
i wanted not just any other story…
i wanted it to be love.
the greatest love story of all time
even if none of the lines
would ever ever rhyme.
i wanted the greatest one
that would surpass romeo and juliet
or the great don juan
a story no one would ever forget….
a fairy tale brought to life
but filled with frills and twists
would i be the princess wife?
who would be a damsel in distress?
i think i wouldnt be one…
i would shine like the sun
as i live and create
the dream that i left to fate
the dream that i would be
living my real life love story..

while others wait for their prince
to rescue them and whisk them away
mediocre wasnt made for me ever since
i knew my heart and learned to play
the game of life that threw them away
….i wanted the perfect words
that would ever describe
everything in my own litte world
where it may seem like too much to absorb
i might be living a comedy…
and get on with life’s synchronicities
or it could be such a tragedy
if only i would let it be..
but i chose to live my life….
with a love that would never stale.
when i chose to live…
my new age fairy tale.

May 9, 2012

Just another fairy tale! (
Fairy Tales & Dreams… they do come true! (


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