road travelled less.

there is nothing else here

that couldnt make me cry a tear

my once icy heart has melt

like summer snow from everything i felt.

such emotions are rushing over me

feelings i never thought would be

able to make me cry

since a tear seldom fell my eye.

once i started to open up

my heart to pain and love

i just cannot seem to stop

but embrace everything that i have.

i know sometimes it takes alot

but then, i just didn’t use my mind

but the little voice in my gut

and everything i ever wanted, i did find.

funny how life seems to always know

where to make you wander and then go

if only we take the road that people travel less

at the end of the line…

it surely feels the best.

sometimes we go up ,…. we go down…

most of the time, we just spiral around

only then we stop listening to our head

and finally realize all the things it said…

it might not be that smart

….contrary to what we thought

so i listened to my own quiet heart

and the screams in my head, i fought.

my heart took me to places

i never thought i’d ever go

all these feelings of happiness

i never thought i’d ever know

overwhelming joy beyond words

such wonder the heart molds

us into who we truly are….

to be at peace is really not that far…

a quiet mind… a silent heart….

led me to find the wisdom

that i wanted to have from the very start

such amazement to see it from some.

all the hurdles of life i have come to meet

i simply learned to jump over

and then i know then i could beat

trials that would always make me stronger.

if only for a half i could share

what i have earned from my journey

to show who i really am,…. why i care

because it would surely make everyone see

that there is so much more if we could open

our hearts and shut our minds

live our passion and life unlike then

and be able to go where the clock never winds.

such beautiful places and life await

at the end of the narrow road…

where lies our destiny and fate

if only then we learn to unload

all the burdens that is not for today

then we could face it…. the moment it comes

not now… but tomorrow’s today

the world seems a brighter place now

the leaves are so much greener somehow…

could it be that i opened up my heart

and learn to see like it was meant

to be seen right from the very start?

but my heart….. it is overflowing with so much

so much love that anything i could ever touch

just makes me cry like a baby

tears that were never there…..

feelings i never had.. are overflowing in me

i just learned to let go, and i began to care

all the beauty that surrounds us….

from the goodness and the most beautiful

glorious moments i wont let it pass

would everyone else go through this?

the journey to everlasting bliss

that to feel pain is finding the beauty within

to laugh and smile with a heart….

and live our life with purpose we begin

to find the wholeness we searched all our lives

day in day out… a heart strives

to find that state of mind….

the state of bliss

the state of happiness….

for our inner peace…

maybe… soon, everyone would go

and let their heart shine and glow

as they embark on the journey

i loved to take once more

that will leave a mark in eternity….

as everything is here… all that i asked for

….maybe… they would… one day confess

that something is incomplete…

let out what they have always supressed

and wont let loneliness defeat

…the path they must take to blissful happiness

inner peace and joy and love…

if they take the road travelled less.


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